Can Online Gaming Lead to Addiction?

While Online Gaming provides much needed relief from the rigors of real life, it can also lead to a variety of unwanted behaviors. Poor sportsmanship has its gamer equivalent, and some players may use their anonymity to cheat and cause havoc on the game. Among the worst are “kill stealing” and “chaining,” where players deliberately capture the quest targets of others, to their own benefit. Chaining can also happen when high level challenges block the progress of low level players.

Internet-based video games

The number of elderly people playing Internet-based video games has increased from nine percent in 1999 to over 25 percent in 2009. The popularity of online video games is largely due to its accessibility and social nature. In order to be an Internet gamer, all one needs is a computer, Internet connection, and the desire to play games and be entertained. But the question is, can you become addicted to Internet video games? Riedel-Kruse and colleagues want to find out.

Online gambling

The Internet offers an abundance of opportunities for online gambling, but regulation is not universally enforceable. Despite a long history of prohibitions against gambling, there are still some jurisdictions where online gaming is legal and regulated. Some jurisdictions have state gambling monopolies, while others don’t. The Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Finland, and Sweden, for example, don’t issue licenses to foreign casino operators. While this may seem like a major disadvantage, this system means that the gambling operators within those countries can’t prosecute or even block players in their jurisdictions.

Female characters

The presence of female characters in online gaming is a growing trend, particularly in games that feature fantasy settings. Games that feature female characters often focus on activities typically reserved for male protagonists. For example, the protagonist of the Tomb Raider series, Lara Croft, is a computer scientist and a hacker, while the sorceress Alex Chen works in politics. The gaming industry also needs more female characters, and fan feedback can help improve their number.

Social aspects of online gaming

The social aspects of online gaming are widely recognized as important contributors to the addictive nature of the activity. Gamers’ sociability and perceived ป๊อกเด้งออนไลน์ peer attachment are significantly related to problematic game play among highly engaged and pathological gamers. Despite its importance, it remains a mystery as to how to measure social motivation in online gaming. We should not expect that social factors alone will explain the addictive nature of the activity. Nevertheless, they may help us better understand the underlying factors influencing addictive gaming behaviour.

Addiction to online gaming

A study investigating the relationship between social motivation and addiction to online gaming finds that healthy dependency and interpersonal detachment are negatively associated with the symptom of addiction. High levels of engagement in online gaming are also related to the symptoms of addiction, though the associations are not statistically significant. The study also found a positive association between addiction and high levels of team play. The researchers concluded that addiction to online gaming is more likely in women than in men.