EPC Certificate – Enhance Your Building’s Energy Efficiency!

If you propose to construct a residence you must genuinely ask the architects to plan the brand new constructing in the sort of way that the electricity loss within the winter or all through cold days is minimum. Think that circa 1/2 of the warmth loss happens thru walls and poorly insulated window frames and an critical percentage through air flow structures. The orientation of the brand new constructing is likewise important: north south, with massive windows on the south and smaller on the north (if feasible no windows at all on the north). And do not neglect right insulation. If that is carried out proper from the primary phase of the building manner, you may now not have power loss troubles later or other problems consisting of mold.

However, if you already live in a poorly insulated building, don’t melancholy! There are some really methods of improving electricity efficiency and that they do not imply large Duurzaam projectbouw prices. Start by changing your home windows with low-emission glass home windows (or just trade the glass). Low-E is a brand new era based on a unique steel coating this is transparent to the sun spectrum and reflective of IR radiation that lowers the amount of energy loss.

If your partitions are not insulated, depending on their creation, there are 3 insulation kinds you should take into account to lessen electricity loss: cavity, inner and external. Insulation will reduce heat loss and actually the power bills. And don’t forget installing draught excluders on your doorways and home windows.

Solar structures – like sun hot water panels – ought to offer more than 50% of your annual hot water needs. There are more and more owners putting in sun panels on  their houses. Such structures no longer simplest produce warm water nearly for free, but additionally growth substantially the fee of a building. Some house owners even use rainwater structures to reduce water costs and help protect the surroundings. The rainwater is accumulated in unique bins and may be used as consuming water after it is filtered and purified. Such rain harvesting systems aren’t usually low cost, however the savings they offer make the rate worthwhile; in time you will cover the value of your buy.

If you have got a boiler older than 10-15 years, you ought to update it and purchase a excessive performance condensing boiler. This might save you about 1/3 for your heating payments due to the fact they convert greater than 88% of the fuel into heat, whilst conventional boilers convert about 70-75%. If you can’t manage to pay for a new boiler you would possibly do not forget insulating your hot water tank and the water pipes to reduce warmth loss.

Lighting should additionally be strength efficient. Traditional light bulbs need a number of strength. Fluorescent mild bulbs are better because they shop strength (needing best 25% of the quantity of power wished by means of a conventional light bulb), have longer existence spans (up to ten times longer) and generate much less warmness. Sure, they are greater highly-priced than a traditional light bulb however the longer lifetime and power savings atone for this. Overall, these simple strength saving tips, plus purchasing energy green domestic appliances, will lessen power fees for the cold season and could make your constructing greater relaxed, at the same time as increasing its value.