Hit and run cases in Thailand road

It is considered an accident in hit-and-run cases, which you may all face. If you obtain automobile insurance that covers this situation, the insurance company will cover it. The following are the top three tactics to use when dealing with hit-and-run situations:

1.     Don’t be panicked

            When confronted with this situation, you must remain alert and remember the parties’ vehicle registration plate. When your automobile has crashed, attempt to come down to the collision scene to inspect the damage to the car. However, if the parties are discovered to be driving away, you should memorize the other party’s vehicle specifications as much as possible, including the brand of the car, the color of the car, and the type of the automobile. It will be evidence to assist you identify the parties more quickly, especially if your automobile has a camera in front.

2.     Notifying an insurance company

            Following the hit-and-run incident, you should immediately contact the insurance company that you purchased. The insurer will then investigate the occurrence and lodge a claim on your behalf. If you recall the registration information for the parties, the insurance provider will find a party for you. However, if you can’t really remember the details, I strongly advise you to check with nearby CCTV cameras and coordinate with the authorities in charge of the cameras in that location to obtain proof to report to the police and confirm with the insurance company.

3.     Report to the police

            You must report to the police and keep a diary to use as evidence because insurance companies require evidence that shows where the hit-and-run incident occurred and can confirm that it happened to avoid moral hazard. Furthermore, this will assist your insurance company in following up and finding with the other parties.

According to the Class of vehicle insurance, if you purchase voluntary car insurance in Class 1, you will be completely covered in the case of a hit-and-run accident. Because first-class automobile insurance covers all types of accidents, whether you involve parties or not. In contrast, if your automobile is covered by 2nd or 3rd class car insurance, it will not be protected in the case of a hit-and-run accident, unless otherwise specified in the policy. Because automobile insurance classes 2 and 3 will only cover damage to the parties’ vehicles. If there is a hit-and-run, the insured must pay for all damages.

These are the top three steps that you should strictly follow when hit and run accidents occur. I strongly advise you to acquire Rabbit Care car insurance in Thailand before purchasing a car to drive in Thailand, especially class 1 to cover hit and run. Viriyah Insurance, Bangkok Insurance, Tokio Marine Insurance, Thanachart Insurance, LMG Insurance, Dhipaya Insurance, Muang Thai Insurance, and more insurance companies are available. Each insurance company’s vehicle insurance rate varies according to the class you choose, the car brands, the model of the car, and other considerations. On https://rabbitcare.com/product/motor-insurance/questions?insurer=mainpagerc, the premium would be computed automatically.