L’Oreal Majirel Hair Color

L’Oreal Professional Majirel Permanent Creme Hair Color is hair coloration that offers super and durable color outcomes. Majirel Permanent hair color is designed such that it’s far enormously resistant to solar and water exposures. It endows hair with greater conditioning and ensures uniform coloring. Formulated the use of Incell ™ and IONÈNE G technology, this hair colour is exemplary and treats hair from the middle to the surface. IONÈNE G is the perfect component to prevent damage if any from permanent coloring. Applied on damaged hair, it upkeep and smoothens the hair fiber strengthening it from the interior out and imparting lengthy-lasting, radiant coloration with superior resistance to fading. Incell ™ however is a ceramide that gives all the blessings of a natural ceramide. It attaches itself to the hair’s inner cuticle to reinforce its herbal concord.

This hair colour is most desired fibre per capelli with the aid of professionals as it guarantees a hundred% grey insurance via its wealthy, deep and intense shade. It follows a systematic method of software and gives a lightening and darkening of color to up to 3 tones.

How to apply Majirel?


Mixing ratio for Majirel is 1: 1.Five ratio. 1 tube of Majirel with 75ml L’Oréal Professional Cream Oxidant 20 or 30 quantity developer and up to 1/four tube Majirel Mix. The aggregate ought to stay for at least 20 mins earlier than use.

Neutralizing Technique (Blue, Green, Mauve):

For hair that has as much as 50% grey, mix up to at least one/four tube of Majirel Mix. White hair among 50% to one hundred% you want to apply the selected color with its corresponding basic color for roots. For duration of the hair and for its ends, follow the selected shade after mixing with up to one/4 tube of Majirel mix. Use L’Oreal Professional Cream Oxidant 20-quantity or 30-quantity as required.

Intensifying Technique (Copper, Copper Red, Red, Yellow):

In order to accumulate Intense coloring for hair that has zero% to 50% gray, observe the preferred shade after blending with 1/four tube of Majirel blend. For grey among 50% to one hundred%, you will should boom the proportion of Majirel mix used. You will need to use half tube of Majirel blend with 20- or 30-quantity developer.

For Special Color Effects:

On pre-lightened hair, you could use Majirel blend on my own to achieve severe coloration highlights.

For all special effects mix 1/2 tube of Majirel Mix (or 1/four tube for less depth) with 1.3oz. Majicrème 20- or 30-volume developer.

Precautions to be taken:

• Ensure to comply with all of the commands indicated at the package.

• Perform an anti-allergic take a look at to your pores and skin prior to apply to make certain you aren’t allergic to the product

• Always wear disposable gloves at the same time as mixing and applying hair color