Patchworks X Alpkit

Slowed down by an old, out-of-date ecommerce platform, Alpkit decided to move to Shopify Plus. While Shopify agency Juno handled the design, we integrated Alpkit’s new Shopify Plus store with the brand’s ERP, Khaos Control. Launching with a robust, pre-integrated site, Alpkit now has everything they need to scale – bigger, faster and more efficiently than ever before.

About the brand

Go nice places. Do good things. That’s the Alpkit model, and  ipaas provider  everything the brand sources, engineers and sells is designed to help their customers achieve that. From waterproofs and base layers to tents, sleeping bags and mountain bikes, Alpkit has everything you need to make the most of the great outdoors.

Founded in 2004, Alpkit has gone from being an idea dreamt up by four friends to a global outdoor clothing and equipment brand, championing functionality, quality and, above all, adventure.

Shopify Plus X Khaos Control

We integrated Alpkit’s new Shopify Plus store with Khaos Control, the brand’s enterprise resource planning solution (ERP). With this integration, the team at Alpkit can now either schedule or manually trigger data syncs between their software – meaning all product, stock, order and fulfilment data is automatically shared between the two systems. No manual data inputting, wasted resources or human error.

Unique features

As part of their new site, Alpkit wanted to utilise Khaos Control’s bundle functionalities, with some bespoke amends to make them work for the brand. However, Shopify doesn’t have the native functionality or third-party apps to make this work the way Alpkit needed it to. That’s where the Patchworks platform came in. With our iPaaS acting as the middleware between Khaos and Shopify Plus, we were able to custom map the rules for Alpkit’s bundles, allowing them to launch with completely customised, entirely unique features, tailored to their business needs.

In addition to these bundle features, we collaborated with Alpkit and Juno to create a bespoke Bike Builder functionality, allowing shoppers to customise their bike. Going beyond colour and frame size, this feature allows users to personalise everything from the saddle to the tyres, using a custom lookup of variant product IDs from Khaos.

With a custom mapping, bespoke functionalities and a smooth project launch, the Alpkit store is a true testament to what can be achieved with the Patchworks platform. The integration takes Khaos Control’s core functionalities – such as bundles, gift cards and refunds – and builds on them to make them work to Alpkit’s specifications.

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