Post Resurrection Blessings And Authority Of Lord Jesus Christ

What do you stand to gain from the resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ? Truly, the purpose of Christ’s coming to earth is what we are able to advantage after His resurrection, that is the salvation of our souls. However, we additionally have submit resurrection blessings and authority of Lord Jesus Christ to be had to us.

And Jesus came and spoke to them, pronouncing, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on the earth. Go consequently and make disciples of all the international locations, baptizing them within the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all matters Keeping the Sabbath that I even have commanded you; and lo, I am with you continually, even to the give up of the age.” Amen – Matthew 28:18-20 (NKJV).

Our Lord Jesus Christ went as had been prophesied via the prophets. And all things were fulfilled as said concerning Him. Also, He suffered as stated and now He has entered into His glory. These display that Jesus is certainly the Christ and the son of God. And that every other element yet to be fulfilled regarding Him will actually come to skip too.

Now, after the resurrection, Jesus showed Himself and communed with the disciples many days earlier than ascending into heaven. And for the duration of this era He taught and gave them instructions, that are applicable to us also.

Post Resurrection Blessings And Authority Of Lord Jesus Christ

1. Those who tarry longer see Jesus

When Peter, John, and Mary Magdalene went to the tomb of Christ, most effective Mary got to peer Jesus there. This is because she waited longer than the other individuals. And she ended up being the primary to look Jesus after the resurrection. Therefore, the longer you tarry in God’s presence, in the phrase and prayer, the greater you come upon the Son.

2. Peace Be Unto You

The disciples collected in one vicinity for the concern of the Jews. And while the Prince of Peace entered into their midst, He reported peace unto them. This He did on every occasion He visited them after the resurrection. And via this pronouncement, he cancelled or dissolved each hurricane, worry, or disturbance in them. So, if you have Christ in you so also do you have got the peace of God in you. Therefore, at the moment, you need to receive the peace that Jesus has given you and be at rest.

3. The Promise Of The Holy Spirit

You can simplest maximize the submit resurrection advantages with the assist of the Holy Spirit. So, Christ asked His disciples not to step out with out the baptism of the Holy Spirit. This came upon them with the proof of talking in tongues. So, the Spirit of God endures you with the strength to perform successfully with remarkable outcomes as a infant of God. This empowerment Jesus sent after He ascended into heaven.

Four. Opened expertise

While Jesus changed into with the disciples they did now not apprehend the scriptures and didn’t notice that Jesus become pleasurable scriptures regarding Him. This become additionally the case after He rose up. However, before ascending into heaven, Christ opened their knowledge to recognise the scriptures. So, additionally, while you be given and agree with inside the risen Christ, your knowledge is also opened.

5. As My Father Has Sent Me, Even So Send I You

As Christ become on the brink of ascend and make way for the Holy Spirit to come back, He launched the disciples because the Father launched Him. He sent them to symbolize Him in the world. And similar to the Father sent Him with the empowerment of the Holy Spirit so also He despatched the disciples. Also, all of the authority God gave Him, He gave to the disciples. So, you’re not exempted from this release; as Christ despatched the disciples even so has He despatched you.

6. The Great Commission

So, Jesus despatched us out, as His disciples with the splendid commission, to make disciples of many others. And we’re to evangelise repentance and remission of sins and to train them to examine all that Christ commanded. For, this is the heart beat of God: that all men may additionally come unto repentance. Therefore, embody the submit resurrection commission and go out and win souls for Christ.