People have a different interpretation of the term “credit.” A person needs some amount of money on credit for different purposes. Credit is the most important part of an individual’s life to revive and maintain a standard of living and personality. People need credit facilities to cater to various financial needs, like starting and expanding a business; health; education; vehicle; home; etc. Credit holds an irreplaceable place in the life of an individual. Banks and financial institutions act as a bridge between people’s financial needs and their credit requirements by providing credit on loans with interest. This article provides a general overview of the role of credit in the development of an economy.

The Importance of Credit

Money lending is the most important process in the modern economy for the better and most effective functioning of the country.  Banks and financial institutions are the main intermediaries for granting credit facilities to an individual.  The reason behind this is that banks act as a support between those who have surplus money and those who are in need of credit to fulfil their needs. In this way, hard cash circulates in the country. So, by this important process of cash circulation in the economy, it leads to fulfilling the demand for finance of the individual. For more information click good at personal loan in toa Payoh.

The role of credit in the development of an economy

The credit facilities the economy to accelerate its economic growth rate, per capita income, employment generation, and gross domestic product, which eventually leads to an improvement in the standard of living for people. Through an example, we can understand the importance of credit in the economy. Suppose a situation where a person wants to start a business and does not have enough cash on hand or any savings left to start a business. If there is no loan facility available in the country, then how will he start the business? It ultimately results in unemployment, which leads to a decrease in growth and prosperity in the economy. It also leads to the wastage of resources in the economy. It is correctly stated that no individual can imagine their life without a loan. So, with multiple benefits, loans help in achieving the desired growth rate of the economy by fulfilling demand for credit.


Credit is the need of the hour for businesses as well as for individuals. There are different purposes for availing the credit facility. Credit facilities can be granted by financial institutions, banks, or even moneylenders. Credit plays a significant role in the development of an economy.