Snooker Pool Cue Tips That You Have To Know

There are no rules to follow when playing snooker in a recreational environment at home for example, when playing at home with family or friends there are no specific requirement you could always make your own rules. Its only when you are going to be playing in a professional environment when it goes into tournament games, you will then need to follow these rules.

• The first rule states that the player can keep World snooker championship play at the table providing he keeps potting balls legally, once he fails this it will be the opponents visit to the table.

• The player must always make contact with a legal ball first if not this will be a foul.

• Providing there are red balls on the table when a player starts his visit to the table then this will be their first legal ball to go for.

• After a player has potted a red ball he must then follow onto a color and then alternate between each one while there are reds on the table.

• If a player pots a ball which was not intended for example a color instead of a red then this is a foul.

• No ball is allowed to leave the table this will be a foul if it occurs.

• Once all reds have been potted the player will then move onto the colored balls in descending order 2-3-4-5-6-7.

• The winner will be the player with the highest score at the end of the game.