Some Tips For Proper Mowing

How do I mow my yard?

Mistaken mowing can lead to more lawn problems than any other maintenance technique. The majority of lawns are cut short, and not frequently enough or with dull blades.

A Proper Height to Mow your lawns varies based on the kind of grass you own. Cutting your lawn too low limits root growth and raises the likelihood of being damaged by drought, insects, diseases and traffic. Cutting too low can leave grass open to pests and weeds to grow for Landscaping.

Here are some typical grass varieties:

Kentucky Bluegrass at 2.5 to 3.5 inches

Perennial Ryegrass with a height of 2.5 up to 3.5 inches

Fine Fescue from 2.5 up to 3.5 inches

Tall Fescue from 3-4 inches

Bermuda is .75 or 2 inches

Buffalo between 2 and 5 inches

Blue Grama between 2 and 4 inches

St. Augustine at .5 inches

When to cut your grass is contingent on the speed at which your lawn is growing. For a tidy cut you must mow frequently so that you don’t take away less than 1/3 blade the course of a single mow. For example, if your grass is 3 inches, do not cut lower then 2 inches. If your grass is to high, you can raise the height of your mowing and slowly bring it down to the initial height after few mows. It is not advisable to cut your lawn less than 1/3 of the original height.

o Keep Your Mower Blades Sharp! It is important to check your mower every couple of times to be sure it is sharp. A dull mower’s blade will break the grass blades in your lawn and leave an aged brown look on the lawn.

 Grass Clippings

If the lawn is mowned regularly the clippings won’t have to be taken. The grass clippings have around 80percent water and can easily decay back into the soil. They don’t cause thatch. Clippings are able to recycle nutrients specifically nitrogen and back into the soil, so there is less need for fertilizer.


Mow in the direction that is most secure. Some prefer cutting in a cross-hatch pattern. Some prefer mow with the other direction. Personally, I like mow in a parallel fashion to the road that faces the house. This gives your yard a professional appearance and feels. There isn’t a proper or incorrect direction.

The most important rule to follow when mow is to be secure! Make sure you are wearing your head when operating mowing equipment and avoid making mistakenly!