Supplements That Increase Sperm Count


There are several different supplements on the market designed to boost sperm count. These supplements are available in the form of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. There are also some that contain lecithin, zinc, maca root, and vitamin D3. The list of ingredients available in supplements is long, so there are several options to choose from. Many of these supplements combine several of these ingredients into one convenient pill. Sperm count and motility are critical for a healthy relationship with your partner. If you suffer from low sperm count, it could mean a lot for your future.



Men who want to have a baby should eat plenty of food that contains vitamin D. Vitamin D is necessary to ensure sperm count in men, and its deficiency can reduce fertility. Taking a vitamin D supplement is a good option to help boost your sperm count. Many health food stores sell vitamin D supplements. Other food sources of vitamin D are ashwagandha and fish oil.

Folic acid

There’s no clear evidence to support the claims that folic acid supplements that increase sperm count. A recent study, however, shows that folic acid supplements may boost sperm counts. The study was conducted in two groups: fertile men who were randomly assigned to either a placebo or a 5-milligram folic acid supplement daily for a period of eight weeks. The primary outcome was live birth in the first nine months of the study, and co-primary outcomes included sperm quality and quantity.


Men who are having difficulty conceiving should consider taking zinc supplements. It has many important reproductive functions, and increased zinc levels in the body can aid in implantation and favorable pregnancy outcomes. A significant amount of zinc is found in the seminal fluid. In sperm, zinc has a multifaceted role in their functional properties. It influences the fluidity and stability of lipids and biological membranes, and it plays a regulatory role in the process of captitation and the acrosome reaction.

Maca root

Two studies have examined whether Maca root supplements increase sperm count. One looked at a placebo group that received a placebo, and the other studied 20 men who took a maca root supplement. In the placebo group, the sperm count did not increase, but the other two groups did. Regardless, the maca group’s sperm counts increased by 20%. Another study investigated the effect of maca on men with early menopause.

Flaxseed oil

There is no question that flaxseed oil has many benefits for a man’s health. A highquality source of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, flaxseed oil is beneficial for both males and females. This essential fatty acid also promotes sperm quality and motility. This substance may help improve male impotence and increase sperm count.


The NIH Office of Communications reviews the literature on male factor infertility in Dec 2016. In addition to reviewing dietary factors, the authors of this article examined the role of antioxidant supplements in increasing sperm count. These supplements are said to improve the mobility and motility of sperm. Some of the other factors studied included diet, exercise, and lifestyle factors. However, the authors of this study could not confirm their findings.


Although selenium is not found naturally in foods, it does occur in soil and in some water. It contributes to normal sperm formation and motility, as well as protecting them from free radicals and oxidative damage. In addition, it also has many other beneficial effects on our bodies, including our hair, nails, and immune system. Using selenium supplements may improve the quality of your sperm and lead to an increase in a man’s sex life.