The 8 Best AI Copywriting Tools You Need For Compelling Blog Posts

  • Simplified AI Writer

  • Simplified AI Tools is a platform that provides users with a range of AI tools that are designed to simplify and automate various tasks. The platform is aimed at individuals and businesses that do not have a technical background in AI development but are looking to leverage the technology in their day-to-day operations. The platform offers tools for natural language processing, machine learning modeling, data analysis, and more.

    One of the standout features of AI Tools is the user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to access the tools and use them without a steep learning curve. The platform does not require any coding knowledge or experience with AI data science, thereby making it accessible to a broader range of users.

    • BuzzSumo

    BuzzSumo is an AI-powered tool that helps you find the content that is performing best based on various metrics.

    BuzzSumo analyzes hundreds of different metrics, such as total shares, engagements, and linkbacks, to name a few. It also assists in keyword research and content discovery, helping you find the topics, headlines, and influencers that are most likely to perform well among your target audience.

    By using BuzzSumo, you can easily identify the topics, headlines, and influencers that have done well in the past, giving you an edge when creating new content. Furthermore, BuzzSumo can also help you identify opportunities for guest blogging and influencer marketing, giving you an additional boost to reach an even larger audience.

    • Quora

    Quora is another AI-powered tool that helps you find content topics that have been asked questions about. With Quora, writers can get content ideas for their articles by finding the questions that their target readers are asking.

    Quora uses its AI capabilities to search the web for topics that have been asked questions about and find relevant solutions. This allows writers to get an insight into what questions their target readers might have and look for solutions that they can offer in their blog posts.

    By using Quora, writers can target their content towards topics that are common among their target audience. This allows them to create content that can easily engage their readers and give them the solutions that they are looking for.

    • Google Keyword Planner

    Google Keyword Planner is a powerful tool for writing blog posts that will rank for specific search terms. It allows writers to find the right keyword phrases to prioritize in their blog post, improving their SEO performance. The tool allows writers to optimize their blog post headlines and meta tags, as well as identify potential topics and related keywords that could be used to improve the ranking of the blog post.

    Google Keyword Planner also provides helpful insights about the competition for each keyword, so writers can focus on keywords with low competition and higher search volumes. This helps writers to create more compelling content that is likely to rank better on search engine result pages (SERPs).

    The tool also provides useful data about clicks, impressions, and cost-per-click for different keywords. This data can be used to inform and adjust the strategy for choosing keywords, providing useful feedback about trends and the efficacy of the chosen keywords.

  • 5. Answer the Public

    Another useful AI copywriting tool is Answer The Public, which provides visualizations and suggestions of questions related to a chosen topic. The tool is an ideal source for relevant phrases to use in a blog post. It enables writers to glean insight into what questions people are asking about a given topic, and use that data to craft more meaningful and useful content.

    In addition to questions, Answer The Public also provides prepositional phrases, comparisons, and other related phrases. This data can be used to craft meaningful blog titles and headlines that are more likely to grab the attention of readers. Writers can also use the data to create content that matches the intent of searchers, such as answering the questions in the blog post.

  • 6. Ubersuggest

    UberSuggest is a free tool that offers the convenience of generating keyword ideas and analyzing the competition for such keywords. It is perfect for writers who want to attract more organic search traffic to their blog posts.

    With UberSuggest, you can enter a seed keyword, and the AI tool will return results containing various related keyword ideas. Plus, it will also provide information about each keyword, such as the search volume and competition levels for it. UberSuggest also offers keyword suggestions for eight different countries. This helps writers to choose the keywords that are more likely to work given the demographics and other factors of the region.

  • 7. SERPstash

    SERPstash is an AI copywriting tool that makes blog creation and optimization easier than ever. SERPstash combines the power of keyword intelligence, AI-driven content optimization, and search engine optimization (SEO) to provide writers with valuable data and insights for their content.

    Using SERPstash, you can generate keyword ideas based on search queries from Google and other search engines. This can help you identify keywords to add to your blog topics to make them more relevant to the audience. You can also analyze the competition for each keyword, allowing you to target keywords that are already being searched for.

    The tool also offers AI-driven content optimization and SEO support. SERPstash will provide recommendations for improving your content for better search engine ranking. Finally, the section also allows you to track keyword performance over time, keeping you appraised of the changes in keyword rankings, so you can adjust your content and improve blog performance.

  • 8.

    Cohersive AI is an AI-powered blog writing tool that can help you create content quickly and efficiently. The tool uses natural language processing, machine learning, and text analytics to produce content that is both high-quality and tailored to the target audience. With Cohersive, you can generate and optimize blog topics based on your target audience, create content faster with automated writing assistance, and attract new readers via SEO optimization.

    Cohersive’s AI-powered engine can help you quickly produce content based on multiple trending topics, so you’ll be sure to attract readers who are interested in multiple topics. The tool’s AI-driven search engine optimization capabilities will ensure your content is easily discoverable and visible to those who are searching for keywords and topics related to your blog. Finally,’s analytics module will show you how well your blog posts are performing at any stage, so you can make the necessary adjustments and optimize your blog posts for increased readership.