The Internet, the Insurance Agent

Online marketing is a major factor in the rise of online auto insurance. Esurance and other online insurance companies have emerged to capture large portions of the auto-insurance market. Their business is entirely digital. The company is underwritten through an established insurance company. It provides all customer services through a number of regional call centers scattered throughout the countryChurch Insurance Agent.

This is probably the most dangerous example of insurance/internet collusion. Every major insurer offers online “quotes”, including for life insurance and health insurance. There are also a host lesser policies, such as watercraft and motorcycle coverage. Many insurance companies now offer long term, affordable health insurance online. The internet is now a marketplace for “bargain” policy and for

new products.

Limitations on Online Insurance Selling

Independent agents can be a blessing in that the “devil lies in details” when it comes to insurance. It is possible to have complicated life and health policies. The buyer must be able to comprehend the implications of each clause. A policy purchased online may be easy to read, but it might prove difficult for them to locate someone who can give their explanation if it wasn’t through a local agent.

Metlife, Farmers, Allstate, Aetna and Farmers will give online quotes but direct their online inquiries to local representatives. Large companies often take pride with their local agent network, and they use the national websites for support to their independent agents.

The online value of a local agency

There are also a number of independent insurance companies that have their own websites, promoting their independence as a virtue. Although local agencies won’t sell competing products they will offer different policies from various firms. Independent agencies with more ambition use 800 numbers and online quote enquiries to make themselves appear larger than what they really are. Agents must have a license to operate in the state they’re doing business. There aren’t many locally-based agencies that can be licensed in more state than one.

But that doesn’t imply that agencies in Eugene Oregon are incapable of serving the entire state. A website designed well can make a local company a regional business. The image includes 800 numbers as well as extended business hours and online request forms. The claim forms may only be used to make a telephone call to the customer, but the policy holder sees it as a business that offers full service and attentive support.

Independent agents are able to promise something that no internet insurance company can. A face-to–face conversation, a step-by–step explanation of a policy and page-by–page explanation. Agents may use the websites managed by the underwriters in which they are represented. There are many national websites that have detailed FAQs about their policies as well as explanations of all policy options. This website is a good place for consumers to start. Agents can also link their agency’s web site to these pages. After that, the agent can reel in the customer. In the end, insurance is just like politics. Through the use of search engine optimizing and online presence, a site can expand the coverage area for independent agents.