Whisky Regions of Scotland – Highlands

Scotch Whisky Produced in the Highlands

If you have ever desired to buy whisky you may have long gone to a whiksy store or online whisky alternate, but were careworn about the distinct areas in Scotland. For instance, what makes an Islay whisky unique from a Highland whisky? This is the second one in a number of articles exploring the one of a kind areas of Scotch whisky manufacturing. In the primary article we examined the Lowland area, allow’s turn our attention North non alcoholic online store to the Highlands. It is critical to understand about the unique areas so that someone can completely recognize the distinctiveness of Scotch whisky.

The Highlands is an area that runs from the city of Greenock on the West coast and Dundee on the East coast to the northern Scottish coast. It takes in the whole lot from East to West, apart from the Speyside vicinity (that’s the problem for some other article.)

This is one of the maximum complicated regions of Scotch whisky production. The location may be break up into three sub-areas – Western Highland, Northern Highland and Southern Highland.

History of Highland Whisky Production

The history of Highland whisky production became significantly one-of-a-kind from the Lowland production. Highland distilleries were normally very small affairs with nearby local farmers distilling their very own whiskies after which on occasion joining cooperatives. But the whole thing become executed on a small scale. In reality Highland production accounted for less than 10%, of whisky manufacturing. However Highland whiskies had been much higher than their Lowland sisters. Therefore they had been greater highly-priced. Today the Highlands produces some of the finest examples of Scotch whisky.

1. Northern Highland Whiskies

This is the vicinity between Nairn and John ‘O Groats. Most of the distilleries in this vicinity are located at the coast and so there’s a wonderful salinity to them. Northern Highland whiskies tend to be more potent at the palate. A whisky taster will locate recommendations of heather and spice mixed with a light peaty, smokiness.

Northern Highland Distilleries.

Glenmorangie. Situated in the metropolis on Tain, this distillery produces high excellent highland whisky. It boasts the highest nevertheless in Scottish whisky manufacturing. It started in 1738 while the manufacturing of alcohol began at the Morangie farm. Water is sourced from the nearby Tarlogie springs and neighborhood barley is used. It produces some 6,000,000 litres of whisky a yr. The whisky is matured in ex-bourbon casks. They produce a unique Cellar 13 whisky. This is matured in a warehouse close to the ocean and inherits the one of a kind characteristics of the warehouses vicinity. It is run through the Sixteen Men of Tain – the sixteen men who work through the year to supply the whiksy.